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About Stillfront Group

Stillfront is an independent creator, publisher and distributor of digital games – with a vision to become one of the leading indie game creators and publishers. Stillfront operates through six near-autonomous subsidiaries: Bytro Labs in Germany, Coldwood Interactive in Sweden, Power Challenge in the UK and Sweden, Dorado Online Games in Malta, Simutrionics in the United States and Babil Games in UAE and Jordan. The Group’s games are distributed globally, however main markets include Sweden, Germany, the United States and MENA.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading Indie Game creators and publishers

  • Offering long term first class entertainment
  • With high quality cross platform games
  • Being the most competent team and combining Entrepreneurship and Structure
  • Providing best Risk/Reward and predictable high profitable growth

Selected games

The Group’s portfolio includes games across multiple platforms. UNRAVEL, developed by Coldwood Interactive in collaboration with Electronic Arts, won 20+ awards at E3 and gamescom and was released in Q1 2016. SUPREMACY 1914 and CALL OF WAR are high-immersion strategy games developed by Bytro Labs. MANAGERZONE is a sports management strategy game launched in 2001. DragonRealms and GemStone IV are MUD-style games with a very loyal player base. Lara Croft ™ Relic Run is a successful mobile game having more than seventeen millions downloads developed by Simutronics.


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