Gladiators Online

Dorado Games, PC / Steam

In Gladiators Online your goal is to become the most prestigious owner of gladiators in the Roman Empire. Starting with a small provincial school, you need to carefully train, heal and equip your team of talented fighters.


• Buy, train and level up your team of gladiators
• Manage, upgrade and advance your House
• Fight thousands of other players across the Roman Empire
• Experience thrilling league-play against your friends
• Compete for fan audience in deadly combat
• Outbid your rival players in exciting auctions

Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonored is a combat management game, pitching player against player in deadly 3D arenas. Watch your men triumph or die in the sands of fate. Create a team of champions and lead your House to glory in Rome.

Release date: November 4th, Steam

The battle is on! who will win?

Metal on metal, blood will be spilled!

Judgment will be called. Death is permanent.

Customize your gear and grind your opponents into dust!