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Avanza Bank is the Company’s Certified Adviser, phone +46 8 4094 2120.


The Company’s Certified Adviser is Avanza Bank, phone +46 8 4094 2120.

Ticker symbol: SF

Trading venue: First North Premier, Nasdaq Stockholm

Liquidity guarantor 

Pareto Securities acts liquidity guarantor for Stillfront effective from the first day of trading to promote satisfactory liquidity in trading. As liquidity guarantor, Pareto Securities will set buy and sell volumes of at least SEK 20,000 respectively in the order book, with a maximum spread of 4% between the bid and asking prices.


Ownership structure

Based on Euroclear data as of June 30, 2017.

Shareholder Number of shares Share
FKL Holding GmBH 930,257 15.55%
Ålandsbanken ABP 529,917 8.86%
Swedbank Robur Ny Teknik BTI 490,020 8.19%
Öhman Bank SA 382,420 6.39%
Bpss Jersey Nominees Ltd 330,598 4.23%
Prioritet Finans 253,272 4.23%
Goldman Sachs International Ltd 232,337 3.88%
Nordea Liv & Pension 190,669 2.97%
Saxo Bank A/S 168,393 2.62%
Artic Securities 155,000 2.59%
Other Shareholders 2,127,441 35.6%

Ownership structure is be updated on a quarterly basis based on Euroclear data. The total number of shares is 5,983,775.