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Level up your play, Stillfront’s diverse gaming portfolio engages over 50 million people each month.

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We believe gaming can be a force for good. And we want to create a gaming universe that is digital, affordable, equal, and sustainable. So, we focus on developing games that are all about having a rewarding hobby, a great social experience, or a strategic challenge.

Conflict of

Albion Online

Big Farm:
Mobile Harvest

Shakes &

Empire: Four Kingdoms

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Stillfront in numbers – A snapshot of gaming brilliance

  • People playing our games each month

    Our dynamic community transforms every click into a celebration, crafting a gaming experience that’s not just about playing—it’s about embracing joy.

    + 50 M
  • Engaged employees

    Our professionals thrive in an organization that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship.

    + 1200
  • Games

    Stillfront’s active games portfolio holds large franchises as well as smaller niche products in many different genres.

    + 70
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Join our dynamic community, where the numbers tell a tale of collective passion and shared experiences.