A growing market

The world loves gaming

The gaming industry has overtaken other forms of entertainment in terms of revenue and is bigger than the music and movie markets combined. Globally, the number of people who play online games is growing steadily and currently number more than 2.3 billion. In 2018 the gaming industry generated revenue of around 138 billion USD according to Newzoo.

> Around 2.3 billion play online games and some 95% game on mobiles. The number of online gamers is set to rise to around 2.7 billion in 2021 with mobile gaming driving growth. Mobile games have posted double-digit growth in the past decade and this is likely to hold for the foreseeable future.

Mobile gaming garners more than half of the market

> The global gaming industry will post 9.3% per year growth through to 2021 according to Newzoo. The games industry consists of console (PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo) and PC games. In 2018 mobile gaming garnered more than half of the market for game revenues globally. Smartphones and tablets combined will account for 51%. This segment of the market attracts 2.2 billion gamers worldwide, with the majority gaming on smartphones. The PC (boxes and downloads) segment takes third spot with 24% of the market.

> Free to play games give gamers free access to the full content of games for free, as opposed to premium games which have to be paid for first to be played. This business model has taken over the mobile segment and is making huge inroads into the PC downloadable and console markets.

> People across all age demographics play online games. The average age of a gamer is today 34 years of age and the number of under-18s is roughly equivalent to the number of over-50s. The number of female gamers is on the rise and they represent just under half of all gamers.