Nida Harb 3: Empire of Steel

Babil Games, Mobile

Nida Harb 3: Empire of Steel is an engaging MMO-RTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) and the third installment of the highly successful “Nida Harb” franchise. As its predecessors, the game is set with a modern warfare theme, where players are given their own command of a military base to build and train massive armies in a quest for world domination.

To crush their opponents, players are tasked with balancing their game economy efficiently in order to manufacture massive armies capable of spreading the player’s influence across the game map and control strategic locations.

The world is engulfed in chaos, roaming bands of mercenaries and deserters are littered across the map and looking for easy prey, war-torn cities are abandoned and waiting to be explored by valiant battalions. To thrive in this harsh world, commanders must form alliances to exchange resources and troops while researching advanced technologies to gain the upper edge. Opposition can be fierce, but players can rally their allies and coordinate massive military campaigns to bring down the mightiest of foes.

Filled with activities and world-events, commanders must stay vigilant at all times, powerful rebel alliances will send relentless waves of armies against player bases and need the combined effort of all players to push them back. Pre-war nuclear bases will become active, and epic battles will occur for the control of these bases, where the winner is declared emperor, gathering wealth and fame and unlimited power in the form of nuclear strike options to deter, and if need be, annihilate the opposition completely.

Nida Harb 3 is an immersive tactical experience, with a plethora of events and challenges tailored to engage players and test their strategic capabilities.