Siege: Titan Wars

Simutronics / Tilting Point, Mobile

SIEGE: Titan Wars is a free download on iOS and Android. Created by the team behind Lara Croft: Relic Run, One Epic Knight and other classics, SIEGE: Titan Wars brings fierce, fast and relentless action to the competitive mobile games scene, letting players summon massive armies and imposing Titans with devastating abilities against one another in real-time combat.

Key features of SIEGE: Titan Wars include:

· Epic Single-lane Battles: Engage in massive tug-of-war style army vs. army battles where strategic unit placement can mean the difference between thrilling victory and crushing defeat.
· Powerful Titans Turn the Tide of Combat: Summon mighty Titans and use their special abilities to turn the tide of combat and crush your opponent’s army.
· Unleash Unique Spell and Warrior Combos: Customize your army from dozens of formidable Warrior and Spell cards to overcome your competition’s strategies.
· Global Competitive Rank: Pit your army against others from around the world and earn Victory Points to climb the ranks.
· Join a Clan, Become Legend: Join or create a clan to share cards and cultivate your own community.
· Become a Seasoned Warrior: Watch replays to hone your skills and analyze your opponent’s tactics.
· Enjoy breathtaking 3D graphics at a 60fps frame-rate supported by explosive sound design.

SIEGE: Titan Wars is challenging to all gamers, requiring strategic thinking and planning. SIEGE is a significant addition to Stillfront’s portfolio of games, adding a to Stillfront previously unexplored genre, card-based battle games, fitting perfectly into Stillfront’s strategy of a portfolio of games encouraging long gamer relations. The SIEGE: Titan Wars IP is fully owned by Simutronics.

Release date: July 2017