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Our story

Our story
Our story
About us

Creating a positive universe of games

Stillfront is a global gaming company. We develop a wide range of digital games that attract over 50 million people each month. From well-established franchises like Home Design, Big Farm, and Supremacy to niche games, we span many different genres, including strategy, simulation, RPG and action, and casual and mash-up games.

We believe gaming can be a force for good. And we want to create a gaming universe that is digital, affordable, equal, and sustainable. So, we focus on developing games that are all about having a rewarding hobby, a great social experience, or a strategic challenge.

Our HQ is in Stockholm, Sweden, but our game development is done by teams and studios all over the world. Our main markets are the US, Japan, Middle East and Africa, Germany, and the UK.

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Time-traveling through play

We’re proud of our achievements and the hard work we’ve put into making Stillfront what it is today. Take a look back through the moments that made us who we are.


Stillfront is born

Jörgen Larsson, a Swedish serial entrepreneur, founded Stillfront. He had a vision to build a global gaming company by inviting the best independent digital games studios to join him. The first companies to accept were Gamerock, Verrano, and Coldwood Interactive.


The early days

We started operating under the same operational structure we have today. In November of the same year, Power Challenge, a developer of social sports management games, joined us. This strengthened our games portfolio with the game titles ManagerZone and Power Soccer.


The Bytro strategy

Bytro Labs joined us and we saw our portfolio grow with titles like Supremacy 1914, PanzerWars, and Industry Tycoon, which helped build our strategy game offer.


Stillfront goes public

We completed an IPO and listed shares on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. The listing price was SEK 39 per share, and the first day of trading was December 8th, 2015. Meanwhile, Bytro’s game Call of War was released and became our most successful game release.


Enter Simutronics and Babil Games

We invited Simutronics, one of North America’s longest-running independent game development studios, to join us. Their expertise in MUD-style text-based and mobile games meant we could add a new strategy genre and mobile game expertise to our offer. Soon after, Babil Games came on board. The mobile strategy games publisher focuses on bringing high-quality entertainment to the Arabic audience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Say hello to eRepublik Labs

We welcomed eRepublik Labs, co-founded by Alexis Bonte and George Lemnaru, adding game titles like, Age of Lords, and World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO. Later that year, we moved the listing of Stillfront’s shares to NASDAQ First North Premier Growth Market.


Creating a European gaming champion

We joined forces with Goodgame Studios, whose titles are among the biggest strategy games of all time, and Imperia Online, a leading game developer in Southeast Europe with a focus on long-term gamer relationships. We also welcomed Playa Games, Germany’s leading casual strategy game developer and publisher.


Big ambitions

We implemented a new operational platform with the aim to triple in size within five years. That summer, we acquired KIXEYE, a leading developer and publisher of multiplayer online real-time strategy games (MMORTS) for PC and mobile devices.


Strength to strength

We opened six new studios, bringing our total to 18. We also implemented a new and improved structure, increasing the focus on the games with the highest potential for growth and longevity.

We invited six new game developers to come on board – Storm8, Candywriter, Nanobit, Everguild, Sandbox Interactive, and Super Free Games. This added new types of games to our portfolio, helping us claim a larger share of the total gaming audience and diversify revenue streams.


List change to Nasdaq Stockholm

Moonfrog Labs, a game studio focusing on board and social card games, joined us.
This expanded our geographic footprint to the Indian Subcontinent, a strategic move into one of the fastest-growing mobile game markets.

Game Labs also came on board. This game studio has a strong track record of developing strategy and action games for PC, and Jawaker, a social gaming network that hosts over 40 of the most popular Middle Eastern social and cultural games. We also completed the transfer from Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market to the main market of Nasdaq Stockholm.


Konnichiwa Japan

We welcomed Six Waves Inc., a leading publisher of mobile free-to-play strategy games in Japan. This helps us establish a strong foothold in East Asia and strengthen our presence in the Japanese gaming market.


Introducing Stillfront IV

We entered a new phase we call Stillfront IV. It signifies our commitment to growth and ambition to build on everything we’ve worked for over the years. It also reinforces our dedication to connecting and empowering game teams globally through our Stillops platform.


Creating a universe of positive gaming experiences

Our mission is to make a positive impact on our players’ everyday lives. In 2024, we are launching our first Stillfront ecosystem – a universe of positive gaming experiences. Our players will be able to learn more about our broad portfolio of games and with our Stillfront ID, log in with one single account and get access to exciting features and rewards.

Making impact on the gaming industry

Our mission is to positively impact peoples’ everyday lives by creating a social, entertaining, and affordable gaming experience. We focus on developing free-to-play (F2P) games. We work closely with our users to develop, test, and optimize games, which helps to build strong communities of loyal fans who determine the future of our games.

Our studios develop and publish games in-house or in collaboration with other studios in the group. Including development and publishing in-house means we’re responsible for a game’s entire lifecycle while ensuring high profitability.

Our studios are spread across the world, and have significant knowledge of their particular markets. Having multiple game studios and teams that work together across different geographies and genres has many benefits, including the ability to release adapted versions of existing game franchises in multiple markets.

Our studios offer games in different genres and markets. We’re flexible with the allocation of marketing campaigns across the group to make sure that investments are made in the games and marketing channels yielding the best returns at any given time.

We developed a unique operating model, Stillops, to ensure any studio or game team joining Stillfront can access the group’s resources, data, and tools while maintaining their own identity.

Collaboration between studios is a crucial part of the Stillops platform. Our studios work together on many projects, from sharing best practice to developing new games. Our data and analytics team works across the group to make sure every studio and team has access to our data and can benchmark KPIs from across the group.

We’ve built knowledge centers in some studios that provide expertise and services to the rest of the group. Using existing resources allows us to see benefits without creating large central functions. Our hubs include for example the Global Marketing Hub, regional Finance Hubs, and the Payments hub.

Play the best, be the best

Jörgen Larsson, a Swedish serial entrepreneur, founded Stillfront in 2010. He had a vision to build a global gaming company by inviting the best independent digital games studios to join him. Listen to his story.

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Stillfront develops digital games for a diverse global audience and our broad games portfolio is enjoyed by around 50 million people every month.