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BYTRO: Releases New Map & New Features For Supremacy 1914


Hamburg, Germany. Dec 16th, 2015

Bytro released new map and new features for Supremacy 1914

After many weeks of hard work our cartographers have finally mapped the entire world to transform it into your epic battlefield! Countless hours have gone into the drawing borders, researching historical facts and names, as well as in the creation of flags and rulers. We now can proudly present to you this masterful new map:

The Great War – 500 Players

Here are the main facts about the map:

– 501 players battle for control over the world.

– 797 countries can be conquered.

– 5071 provinces have to be managed.

Since it is the whole world, the map is completely “round”. That means you can sail across the Pacific Ocean as well as across any other ocean. The only exception are the poles: It will not be possible to cross the North or South Pole to shortcut from Greenland to Russia, for example. It’s simply too cold for your troops.

We also introduced new features to improve the playability of the new world map:

– You can move all the troops out of your provinces on this map, there is no need to leave a unit behind. It is up to you to distribute your defenders in a meaningful way.

– You can sail and scroll around the world.

– The country selection has been revised and now includes 2 steps, the choice of region and country.

– Your provinces can be filtered by region in the province list on the right side.

– The newspaper and the diplomaty list also includes filters to filter out the relevant players or messages.

– Many performance improvements were made at both the server and the client side, so that this challenging map runs as smoothly as possible.

– The new unit and province selection features (see the last news) should be very helpful on this map.

To ensure that always enough human players are active on the map, it can not be opened by players but has to be created by our system.

In order not to overload the server during the introduction of the map, it will only be opened on the english server today. In the coming days the map will then on all other language servers, if no serious problems are discovered. Please have a little patience. If you can not wait, you can of course already play on the english server, but please respect the English chat and game rules.

You can report errors on the map in the forums. We will of course improve and correct the map going forward.

Have fun in your conquest of the world!

Your Supremacy 1914 Team

About Bytro Labs

Bytro Labs GmbH is an award winning company, which develops and publishes technically sophisticated, browser-based and mobile online games. By now, the games have over 3 Million registered users and are available in fifteen different languages.

Bytro Labs was founded in 2009 by Felix Faber, Tobias Kringe and Christopher Lörken. They were decorated as ‘Founders of the Month’ in June 2010 by the state of Baden-Württemberg and with the ‘Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars’ award by Deloitte in the fall of 2012.

About Stillfront Group

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