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Valletta, Malta. March 31st, 2015

Since November, Gladiators Online has come a long way. Having analyzed 10 million game sessions and closely monitored player feedback and survey results, the team is very excited and proud to share with you the very first screenshots of their new Combat Expansion, offering enhanced player involvement and awesome new content and features. Success now depends on player strategy and prowess as the Combat Expansion includes 10 tactical skills to manage per gladiator in the game. Gone are the days of random quick-time events as players now decide when to unleash hell upon opponents!

Today, the first playable version of the enhanced Combat Expansion is available to tryout first- hand, offering a fully interactive battle arena experience, where the player directly influences the outcome of the combat. Players can learn and then activate their gladiators’ special skills, overpowering opponents with amazing moves and gaining fans along the way. Skills and combat-flow have gone through an overhaul and been redesigned, and Gladiators Online now offers an even greater gameplay experience than ever before.

About Dorado Games
Since 2007 Dorado Games is designing, developing and marketing digital online games with a focus on mid core players from all over the world via the internet and mobile devices. Collectively, the founders (Nick Porsche, Simon Dotschuweit) have worked on more than 60+ titles across all platforms. Nick’s latest success being the critically acclaimed MMO Battlestar Galactica Online with over 17M users, which was developed for Bigpoint in collaboration with Universal Studios. Dorado Games currently has offices in Malta, Hong Kong and Sweden, and is working with external partners in the US, Germany and Poland.

About Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group is an independent games developer and games publisher with a portfolio of high quality games that build long player relationships. The Group includes Bytro Labs, Coldwood, Dorado Games and PowerChallenge and the games Call of War, Supremacy 1914, Unravel, ManagerZone and Gladiator Online. The Group was formed in 2012 with a head office in Sweden and has operations in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and Malta. Stillfront Group aims to become one of the leading game developers and publishers in Europe.

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