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Valletta, Malta. May 13th, 2015

Independent games developer and publisher Dorado Games is proud to announce the official worldwide release of their ambitious browser- based Gladiators Online, the quintessence of a multiplayer online combat management game, where arena means the ancient Coliseum, and defeat often spells death. Based on historical research and accurate Roman technology, the game is by no means a rivet- counter simulation. Capturing the essence of deadly man-to-man show fights, players cast their lots with the champions of tomorrow, indulging in the ultimate thrill of live and let die.

Gladiators Online has been in development for the past year and in BETA for the previous 6 months. More than 12.000 players from across 50 counties have staged 350.000 fights, and with 16.000.000 events logged, Gladiators Online has a loyal fan base that grows day-by-day. With its skill-based tactical multiplayer combat with permadeath, up to 15 gladiators per player split into 4 legendary classes, and 600+ weapons and armor items, players must battle for their lives. Featuring 3 tiers of stunningly beautiful recreated ancient amphitheaters, a brand new combat system, recently rewritten for added realism, and 60 individual offensive tactical and passive combat skills, this game is packed full of fun!

With its official launch today, Gladiators Online includes a revised and improved tutorial, player-controlled combat, premium equipment rewards, an updated intuitive interface, a forum full of excited fans and a host of other great improvements, technically as well as from a gameplay perspective. Tryout Gladiators Online today, and experience the thrill of ancient coliseum combat set in a realistic environment packed full of great content and features.

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About Dorado Games
Since 2007 Dorado Games is designing, developing and marketing digital online games with a focus on mid core players from all over the world via the internet and mobile devices. Collectively, the founders (Nick Porsche, Simon Dotschuweit) have worked on more than 60+ titles across all platforms. Nick’s latest success being the critically acclaimed MMO Battlestar Galactica Online with over 17M users, which was developed for Bigpoint in collaboration with Universal Studios. Dorado Games currently has offices in Malta, Hong Kong and Sweden, and is working with external partners in the US, Germany and Poland.

About Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group´s Business concept is to develop, publish and operate online social games, console/handheld games and digital entertainment. The company has offices in Umeå & Linköping, Sweden, Hamburg, Germany, Malta and Hong Kong, China with more than 50 full-time employees. Stillfront Group’s online gaming branch is a pioneer online game developer specializing in creating Fan Immersion Games based on high profile IPs. Online activities also include social gaming community sites and MMO development. The console branch of the company Coldwood is producing blockbuster titles to the PS3, PC and Xbox platforms, with Publishers like Sony Entertainment.