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Gladiators Online Launches Challenge Mode


After lots of hard work from the team, Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor have added Challenge Mode – now you can challenge your friends for direct 1 on 1 fights! We have also added possibility to earn Golden Aurei from Contracts.

List of changes:

  • Challenge mode added to the arena – now you can fight with you friends 1 on 1
  • Gold contracts added to the game
  • Increased Silver rewards from contracts
  • Added more Re-roll tokens contracts
  • Increased death chance by editors decision on most contracts
  • Removed 0% death risk contracts from level 5 and above
  • Death risk is now displayed as a number instead of thumb icons
  • Increased magister buff time
  • Increased 1 day staff contract to 36 hours
  • Side step is now free
  • Reduced time of Doctore trainings
  • New daily login pop-up
  • Increased rewards for AI fights to 75%
  • Gladiators should not stuck in fighting any more
  • Gladiators now can surrender below 30% Health not 40%
  • Added instant auctions on levels 2 and 3
  • Added timestamps to chat
  • Improved AI fights
  • Fixed some bugs with skills

The game will be in maintenance from 12:30PM (CET) today for about 2 hrs after which you will be able to resume playing.

Let us know your feedback after the update via the discussion boards 🙂

// Your Gladiators Online Team