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Gladiators Online Releases First Major Updates On Steam


VALLETTA, Malta – Dec. 04, 2015

Shortly after launching on Steam, Dorado Games releases the first major update and address many requests from the community.


New Features & Bug fixes Update

  • New Combat Adjustments with 100% attacks and defenses and properly timed defenses

  • 20+ Rebalanced and improved skills

  • Manual Surrender for more exciting combats

  • Additional guidance for playing with not fully ready fighters

  • Improved Equipment Visuals

  • Combat Rating, to allow players to compare based on the stats

  • New 3rd person camera 

  • Improved Matchmaking

  • Fixed countless bugs and balance issues and much more


Gladiators Online is free-to-win, with a special emphasis placed on making sure all players experience a fair combat system and game progression, regardless of whether they pay money. Premium packages are designed to save time and in-game currency without unbalancing the game and combat.

Further information about Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor can be found at



About Dorado Games

Dorado Games is an indie studio comprised of ten industry veterans whose individual resumes’ cite more than 60 games, most notable the Battlefield, Civilization and Wolfenstein franchises.

Dorado Games, established in 2007, is now focused on working on their own online multiplayer projects.

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