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Swedish developer Stillfront AB increases user base by 700% during 2009


Swedish developer Stillfront AB released two new browser based games connected to popular IP’s in the course of 2009:  Fast and Furious Fan Immersion Game, with Universal Studios, and Terminator Salvation Fan Immersion Game, with Halcyon Company. Since these releases Stillfront’s user account base has increased by 700%.

Since the Fast and Furious FIG was released  on April 6th gamers across six continents, 191 countries, 7 997 cities have built, modified and painted cars to prove they have what it takes to rule the road . The game is available in ten different languages and is continuously translated. One of the cooperation partners is Bigpoint, the biggest browser based games portal in the world, who encloses flyers about the game to every Fast and Furious DVD sold in Germany.

Since the Terminator Salvation FIG release on 7th of May people from all over the world have chosen to fight either for the humans or the machines. The players are mostly from Europe and United States but the game has also reached countries like India, China, Congo and Australia. In January 2010 Stillfront AB will release Terminator Salvation FIG at Bigpoint.

About Stillfront AB

Stillfront is a pioneering online game developer creating Fan Immersion Games based on high profile IPs. Stillfront AB is a privately owned company based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company was founded in 2007.

About Fan Immersion Games

Fan Immersion Games (FIGs) are social, casual, massively multiplayer online games (so called MMOGs or Social Games) that are free to play yet also include opportunities for players to buy advantages and premium accounts using microtransactions payable via for example sms messages and credit cards. These games deliver high fan engagement through their story-driven design and community elements.

DFC Intelligence states that the worldwide online games market is forecasted to reach $13 billion in 2011.

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