On 17 December 2020, the Extraordinary General Meeting in Stillfront Group AB (publ) resolved on a division of the company’s shares (share split), whereby each existing share is divided into ten shares (10:1). The board of directors was authorised by the Extraordinary General Meeting to determine the record day for the share split.

The board of directors has determined that the record day for the division of the shares in Stillfront Group AB (publ) will be 28 December 2020. The last day for trading in the company’s shares before the share split is 22 December 2020. The first day for trading in the company’s shares after the share split is 23 December 2020. From and including 23 December 2020, the new ISIN code for the company’s shares is SE0015346135. After the share split is completed, the number of shares in the company increases from 34,653,720 shares to 346,537,200 shares. The share split is carried out without changes of the share capital, which entails that the share’s quota value will change from SEK 0.7 to SEK 0.07. The share split will be executed automatically via Euroclear Sweden AB and shareholders do not need to take any action. The shares that are received after the share split is expected to be registered on the shareholders' securities accounts on 29 December 2020.