About us

Stillfront is a global games company founded in 2010. We develop digital games for a diverse gaming audience and our broad games portfolio is enjoyed by almost 70 million people every month. Stillfront is focused on realizing synergies by connecting and empowering game teams globally through our Stillops platform. We are a fast-growing company and an active global strategic acquirer. Our 1,500+ professionals thrive in an organization that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our main markets are the US, Japan, MENA, Germany and the UK. We are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap.

Our vision & values

Stillfront’s vision is to be the leading free-to-play powerhouse.

  • Offer long term first class digital entertainment
  • Develop high quality X-platform games
  • Combine Entrepreneurship, Scale and Structure for operational excellence
  • Provide predictable high profitable growth

Our product portfolio

Stillfront offers a diversified portfolio of games, developed and published organically or through acquisitions, with broad appeal to gamers. Our studios work methodically to improve the retention of our games throughout their lifetime. Most of our titles are long lifecycle with a loyal player base and stable revenues. The active portfolio, generating revenues every day, consists of more than 75 games divided into three categories: Strategy; Simulation, RPG & Action and Casual & Mash-up.