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Stillfront acquires mobile idle role-playing game Crush Them All

Stillfront Group AB (publ) has entered into an agreement to acquire the game “Crush Them All”, a popular mobile idle role-playing game developed by Godzilab Inc. The acquisition was signed and closed on June 7, 2021, and is structured as an all-cash acquisition of all shares in Godzilab Inc, whose assets and liabilities solely relate to the game “Crush Them All”.

“Crush Them All”, which was released globally in May 2017, successfully combines hero RPG meta game elements with idle core gameplay and has been downloaded almost 7 million times to date. In May 2021, the game had approx. 55k daily active users (DAU) and approx. 250k monthly active users (MAU), and the game totaled more than 2 million downloads across mobile devices during 2020. The game had total bookings of approx. 13 MUSD for the last twelve months ending April 2021.

Following the acquisition, “Crush Them All”, will be operated by Stillfront’s studio Imperia Online, which will be able to leverage its existing available live ops development and user acquisition capabilities and grant the game additional resources. Imperia Online has successful experience from previously overtaking, operating and growing existing game assets from other studios within the Stillfront Group.

“Asset acquisitions is a valuable component in Stillfront’s M&A strategy and enables us to leverage our large experience and knowledge within live ops and user acquisition. “Crush Them All” is a highly successful title, and we are confident that we will be able to make the game even more enjoyable as we are able to spend more time and resources on developing the game going forward,” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO, Stillfront Group.

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