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Umeå, Sweden. Nov 12th, 2012

Stillfront Group, a leading Swedish game developer, publisher and operator, acquires 100% of Power Challenge, an investee of IQ Capital Fund.

Power Challenge is a high quality development studio & publisher of online social sports games, one of the global leaders in the online PC sport gaming market, dominating the management game segment with Manager Zone. The title Power Soccer expands the management part of football with industry leading 3d browser graphics action, one of the first of its kind when it was released. More than 10M users world wide are enjoying Power Challenge titles, with more than 20% being active every month, playing more than 50,000 matches every single day.

‘We are delighted to have Power Challenge on board, their product portfolio has a strong traction in the market and is a perfect strategic fit with our focus on long term play titles with immersive game play depth. Together we can create a tremendous opportunities with our joint experience in the industry to develop and publish more great games. We are looking forward to working with the Power Challenge team.’
says CEO & Founder of Stillfront Group Jörgen Larsson

‘We are very pleased to see Power Challenge join Stillfront Group and be part of a bigger family. It has been PC goal to develop a variety of titles for multiple platforms and find a partner that also has experience and vision for online social sports games. With the unique combination and strengths of profitable IPs and distribution channels synergy, Power Challenge, together with Stillfront, will be able to realise a great potential. This matches both companies determination and desire for quality and growth.’
says Patrick Armstrong CEO, Power Challenge


About Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group´s Business concept is to develop, publish and operate online social games, console/handheld games and digital entertainment. The company has offices in Uppsala, Umeå Sweden and Hong Kong, China with more than 25 full-time employees. Stillfront Group’s online gaming branch is a pioneer online game developer specializing in creating Fan Immersion Games based on high profile IPs. Online activities also include social gaming community sites and MMO development. The console branch of the company Coldwood is producing blockbuster titles to the PS3, PC and Xbox platforms, with Publishers like Sony Entertainment.

For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Larsson
CEO and Founder of Stillfront Group
Phone: +46 (0)70 321 18 00