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Stillfront and GoodGame Studios Joining Forces


December 6, 2017

Stillfront Group has today announced its acquisition of a leading German gaming company, GoodGame Studios. GoodGame Studios has had huge successes with the games Empire (browser), Empire 4 Kingdoms (mobile), BigFarm (browser) and BigFarm Mobile Harvest (mobile). GoodGame has had more than 1 bilion USD in deposits over the years and has more than 340 million registered users.

Stillfront and GoodGames constitute a great match, sharing values of focusing on long life strategy games. GoodGames will operate in the same way as the current Stillfront studios, i.e. semi-autonomous. Stillfront Group’s management will stay intact with Jörgen Larsson as the CEO, and the operating model will be unchanged.

GoodGames’ marketing excellence can be applied to selected Stillfront games and Stillfront’s technical abilities will be valuable to GoodGames.

The combined unit Stillfront/GoodGames has approx 390 employees and revenues of 794 MSEK in Jan – Sep 2017 and an EBIT of 220 MSEK.

More information on GoodGames, the acquisition, the combined entity and the envisioned synergies can be found in the investor presentation published on The full press release can be found on our web site’s Press Releases section.