Stillfront Group AB (publ) has successfully concluded the share repurchase program that was announced on 15 February 2023. Stillfront’s acquisitions of own shares commenced on 16 February 2023 and were concluded on 11 May 2023. No acquisitions were made during the period 3 April 2023 – 3 May 2023. Stillfront has in total acquired 13,441,510 own shares under the share repurchase program for a total amount of approximately 270 MSEK. The acquired shares will be used for payment of certain earn-out payments relating to previous acquisitions.

Stillfront’s annual general meeting on 11 May 2023 authorized the board to resolve on new share repurchase programs during the period until the next annual general meeting.

The total number of shares in Stillfront amounts to 513,199,454. At the time of this press release, Stillfront holds 13,441,510 own shares.