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Stillfront Group AB: eRepublik Labs Prepares Launch of Battle Star Arena

July 5, 2018  

eRepublik Labs Prepares Launch of Battle Star Arena

eRepublik Labs, one of the Stillfront Group studios, prepares to test launch Battle Star Arena, an innovative PvP action strategy game on the 5th of July 2018 on iOS and Android devices.

Battle Star Arena is part of the innovation efforts from the eRepublik Labs team. Whilst 80% to 85% of the resources of the studio focus on its historical strategy MMOs, eRepublik Labs dedicates the rest of its resources exploring new types of games in the strategy genre. It is a similar effort that allowed it to break out of browser games and build the Age of Lords engine that was the first of its series of hit historical MMOs.

Battle Star Arena is a retro-styled innovative player-vs-player card strategy game set in space, where you and your fleet of heavily armed space ships fight an enemy mothership and its fleet. It can be played both online against other players or even in-flight mode (offline) in a 40 levels campaign against AI controlled enemies.

eRepublik Labs has a very tight control policy with these new games where test launches are used to learn and evaluate the potential of the concept. If the game shows promising KPIs and player behavior, a second version can then be prepared after a rigorous theme testing process and fine tuning of the game engine. If the KPIs are insufficient, then the game development is discontinued and learnings applied to the next project or in certain cases some features that showed good results used in other core projects.

“It is important not to simply count on the ongoing success of our historical strategy MMOs but to also dedicate some of the team’s time to constantly research new game concepts and engines that can help us learn and drive our future growth” says Alexis Bonte, co-founder and CEO of eRepublik Labs, a subsidiary of Stillfront Group AB.”

“eRepublik Labs has become a reference in the historical strategy MMO game genre. The way they have reached that level of success is not only by rigorously focusing on their core games but also by using a small part of their resources in experimenting with new concepts whose learnings can either be applied back in the core strategy MMO games or even create new lines of revenues”; says Jorgen Larsson CEO of Stillfront.

eRepublik Labs is recognized by Google Play as one of its top developers in the world (all its games carry the “top developer” badge) and its games have often been selected for featuring by the Apple editorial team.

eRepublik Labs has a strong track record for historically themed strategy MMO’s on mobile. “War and Peace: American Civil War”, eRepublik Labs most successful mobile game to date launched in October 2017 and is one of the top grossing strategy games in multiple markets on the Google Play Store and so is “Word at War WW2” that launched in October 2016. “Age of Lords” launched in March 2015 and is still one of the most appreciated Strategy MMO’s with a loyal user base. All three games are profitable.


eRepublik Labs is an independent team of veteran game crafters that are passionate about history and strategy. All have worked on games that have reached millions of players. eRepublik Labs is now part of an alliance of nine near-autonomous studios in Stillfront Group AB (quoted on Nasdaq First North, ticker SF).
Previous games by eRepublik Labs include “Age of Lords”, “World at War: WW2” and “War and Peace: American Civil War”, all highly rated games with a very engaged community of strategy and history fans. eRepublik Labs is also the studio behind the critically acclaimed “Twin Shooter – Invaders”, winner of Pocket Gamer Silver award and the maker of free to play browser pioneer More information on eRepublik Labs can be found at


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Stillfront is a group of independent creators, publishers and distributors of digital games – with a vision to become the leading group of indie game creators and publishers. Stillfront operates through nine near-autonomous subsidiaries: Bytro Labs in Germany, Coldwood Interactive in Sweden, Power Challenge in the UK and Sweden, Dorado Online Games in Malta, Simutronics in the United States, Babil Games in UAE and Jordan, eRepublik in Ireland and Romania, OFM Studios in Germany and Goodgame Studios in Germany. Stillfront’s games are distributed globally. The main markets are Germany, the United States, France, UK and MENA. For further information, please visit


Stillfront’s portfolio includes games across multiple platforms. Unravel and Unravel Two are widely acclaimed console games developed by Coldwood in collaboration with Electronic Arts. Supremacy 1914 and Call of War are high-immersion war strategy games developed by Bytro Labs. ManagerZone is a sports management strategy game launched in 2001. DragonRealms and GemStone IV are MUD-style games with a very loyal player base. Siege: Titan Wars(TM) is a popular mobile game developed by Simutronics. Nida Harb III and Admiral are mobile strategy games with very strong player bases, which are published by Babil Games. World at War: WW2 and War and Peace: Civil War are a successful mobile strategy games developed and published by eRepublik Labs. Online Fussball Manager is a leading sports management game. EMPIRE and BIG FARM are major brands operated by Goodgame Studios.

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