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Uppsala, Sweden. September 19th, 2011
Stillfront AB, a Sweden-based developer and publisher, today announced the launch of its newest social Facebook game “Hollywoodland” where players will have a shot to get as famous as Hollywood Stars themselves.

Designed to pull players immediately into the exciting and glamorous world of Hollywood, this highly anticipated social game provides the exhilaration of being the new and coming star amongst well known celebrities. Free to play, the game will consist of becoming a superstar in Hollywood by performing various gigs and missions for famous celebrities, all the while the player is building a mansion his friends will be envious of. Players will be able to invite their friends to the game as neighbors to gain several in game advantages and interact with them in a fun and surprising way.

The player’s way to fame will heavily rely on his entourage, these agents will help the player to land new gigs and accelerate his way to stardom. Rising popularity will attract more and more hang arounds, that want a slice of the players fame – in return they will happily provide the player with well needed cash to expand the ever growing mansion. Using a mix of 3D and 2D graphics, the game provides an immersive atmosphere also on a visual level, enhanced by sound effects and music carefully curated to add intensity to the playing experience.

“We’re very excited to release this new social game, which will be one of it’s first in it’s category” Says Robert Wallen, Online Publishing Executive Stillfront Group AB. “Other than usual social games, Hollywoodland is designed to capture the players imagination and curiosity about the glamorous world of Hollywood, a very strong hook even for Facebook users that usually don’t play games. The game also works perfectly with the micro transaction model we’ve used in our other online games to generate revenue.”

Stillfront game Hollywoodland is available at : Facebook “Hollywoodland”

About Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group´s Business concept is to develop, publish and operate online social games, console/handheld games and digital entertainment. The company has offices in Uppsala, Umeå Sweden and HK China with more than 25 fulltime employees.Stillfront Groups online gaming branch is a pioneer online game developer specializing in creating Fan Immersion Games based on high profile IPs. Online activities also include social gaming community sites and MMO development. The console branch of the company ColdWood is producing blockbuster titles to the PS3,PC and Xbox plattforms, with Publishers like Sony Entertainment.

For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Larsson
CEO of Stillfront Group
Phone: +4670-321 18 00