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Stillfront Group Welcomes New Board Directors Annette Brodin Rampe and Mark Miller


Stockholm, Sweden. June 16th, 2016

Annette Brodin Rampe and Mark Miller, respectively, were elected at the annual general meeting May 18th as new directors of the board for the period until the next annual general meeting.

“Stillfront Group extends warm welcome to our new board directors who adds decades of their invaluable experiences at home and abroad among various organizations on listed companies, international M&A, asset management, strategic investment, entrepreneurship and beyond. ” Says Per Skyttvall, Chairman of the Board of Stillfront Group.

We are excited to welcome our new board director Annette Brodin Rampe who brings not only her 20 years of successful board level experience in Nordic large-cap companies, e.g Norske Skog, but also her great experience in industrial economics, marketing & organisation.

We are excited to welcome our new board director Mark Miller who has an international background in various countries and corporations in asset management, strategic analysis, international M&A and went on to found his own international M&A firms CatCap GmbH with more than 500 employees across 38 countries.

We look forward to our new board directors’ contributions to the board and Stillfront Group for future development!


About Annette Brodin Rampe  Annette holds a Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology. Annette is the Managing Partner for Europe of Brunswick since November 2014. Before joining Brunswick in 2007, Annette was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at E.ON Sverige AB. She also served as Chief Executive of Senea, a listed Swedish data systems company. Annette brings with her 20 years of successful board level experience in Nordic large-cap companies, among others Norske Skog, Vattenfall and Peab. Born 1962.

About Mark Miller  Mark studied economics and business at the University of Witten/Herdecke and the University of Texas at Austin under a scholarship from the Association of German-American Clubs and a Fulbright scholarship. Holding a BA in business administration, he worked at Deutsche Bank in the corporate client and asset management businesses before joining Bertelsmann AG as a strategic investment analyst. Mark is the founder and managing partner of CatCap GmbH, an international M&A firm. He has been involved in more than 100 successful transactions. Born 1973.