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We are all defined by our actions.

People have played games for thousands of years. Playing games lets us enjoy the company of others – sometimes in a competitive setting – while also entertaining ourselves. As more and more people spend larger chunks of their free time playing our games, we want to ensure that we are making a positive impact in people’s lives at the same time. We want to take the social experience and the positive connotations of traditional games, like chess and other board games, and create the same experience and environment online.

Through creating a social, entertaining and positive gaming experience, we aim to make a positive impact in our gamer’s everyday life.

During 2021, we intensified our focus on sustainability by introducing long-term targets for all three pillars in our sustainability framework. We also continued implementing our FAIR model into our business processes and game development. Stillfront’s FAIR model includes principles on responsible gaming, inclusion, and diversity, as well as responsible marketing and monetization. During the year, Stillfront also became a signatory of UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, to reconfirm its support and to meet fundamental responsibilities on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Please read more in our Sustainability report for 2021.

Strategy and targets

Stillfront’s sustainability work lies in the foundation of the UN Global Compact and the UN Global Goals. Our most important internal tools of governance are Stillfront Code of Conduct, our Sustainability Policy, and our FAIR Model.

Our sustainability strategy is a framework set up to focus our resources on the most relevant economic, social and environmental issues. To drive performance and to engage all relevant stakeholders. The framework consists of Stillfront’s three material pillars: Living our Values, Games for All and Smart Use of Resources.

Sustainability framework

Strategic areas

Gaming for all

Because we provide digital entertainment, one of our main responsibilities is to cover the greenhouse gas emissions formed when users play our games. This is why we measure, reduce and compensate for all emissions created by using our products. Stillfront is a certified climate neutral company and we compensate for our emissions by investing in two projects: Bhadla solar power in India, and Isangi forest conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gaming for all

Living our values

We are a purpose-driven company and believe in long-lasting relationships and a decentralized leadership. Having a diversified workforce is important. We set targets for women in management positions and diversity in game development teams as well as in our gaming content. By creating a talent management program, we ensure the continuous learning and wellbeing of our employees. Stillfront strives to have a culture of respect among our users. An important tool in this work is our F.A.I.R model.

Living our values

Smart resource use

We strive for increased transparency and disclosure and have recently updated our whistleblowing system and due diligence process. Stillfront has a zero-tolerance stance against bribery, corruption and money laundering. Our Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy applies to all companies and professionals of the Stillfront Group. We make sure that our privacy program meets the criterias of GDPR and other applicable data protection and privacy regulations. In 2020, we engaged Deloitte as the group’s external Data Protection Officer.

Smart resource use

Key policies

In building a company that generates long-term value, Stillfront knows that sustainability must be an integrated part of all decision we make and of our strategy. To ensure that studios and professionals share our vision of
long-term sustainable operations, we need to have shared values
and a structure that fosters them.

  • Code of Conduct
  • Sustainability Policy
  • HR Policy
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy
  • Whistleblower policy

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