Games, for example backgammon and chess, have been a popular pursuit for thousands of years. Views vary on whether ours is a ‘new’ industry, or not, but it is constantly changing and evolving. New technology, new markets and new competitors challenge our innovation abilities, as well as our ground-breaking games and system solutions. Stillfront’s business model is built on long-term relationships as regards our ownership role, our perspective of our co-workers and our approach to users.

Stillfront supports international standards for human rights, working conditions, the environment and anti-corruption. We base our Code of Conduct on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Corporate culture

Stillfront is a decentralised organisation but strives to act as one company through a shared set of values, business principles and policies. However, our games studios should operate as local companies that identify and manage local business risks and opportunities. Stillfront believes in a long-term ownership role and decentralised leadership that is grounded in clear and shared basic values. Our corporate culture is built upon strong relationships between our studios and it is promoted through informal contact and how we treat each other.

One of the most important factors of this long-term approach to the studios’ development is to ensure that they have the right competence, in terms of existing competence and being able to attract new talents. For Stillfront, it goes without saying that the interaction within the Group is one of mutual respect, openness and influence. Commitment and cooperation between the studios are also key to the Stillfront culture.

Responsible gaming

At Stillfront we are fully committed to delivering digital entertainment. With a few exceptions, our games are of the free-to-play genre. This means that they are not gambling games, but games that are played for free and, during the course of the game, products and tools can purchased to enhance the gaming experience. As such, our games are purely for entertainment and contain no elements of gambling. We offer our consumers a fun way of spending their spare time playing our games, mainly of the strategy genre, in which users can create a social network. The vast majority of our consumers never make ingame purchases. A user can opt to pay for further advancement in a game.
Stillfront´s games are targeting mainly adults.

When marketing a game Stillfront complies with the labels and recommendations in each market, for example PEGI in the EU and ESRB in the US, as regards content and age. The marketing of our games should be ethical, honest and reflect generally accepted social standards.

Environmental impact

Stillfront’s core business; producing and developing games across the whole value chain, are distributed on digital channels and have very little environmental impact. Stillfront does not own properties but instead leases its workplaces and the leaser is, according to the leasing contract, responsible for the electricity supply, waste disposal and, in some cases, for waste recycling.