• Sustainability

We are all defined by our actions.

We make sure our actions are both smart and sustainable.
To Stillfront Group, environmental, social and economic sustainability is all about creating long-term value for societies and stakeholders. We do so by developing strong and conscious companies around the world, that make positive contributions to their local communities, environment and economy, as well as globally.

Sustainability Report 2020

2020 was an important year for sustainability at Stillfront. We worked hard to integrate the three dimensions of sustainability, Environment, Social and Governance, into both our daily operations and business decisions. It’s been a year of concrete action.
Please read more in our Sustainability report for 2020.

Sustainability framework
Strategic areas

Living our values

Stillfront believes in lasting relationships and decentralised leadership founded in our shared values. All our studios and professionals share the vision that acting sustainably will see us attain our long-term goals, grow together as a company and as individuals, and continue to develop successful games with longevity. The values that shape the culture are entrepreneurship, scalability and structure, and maintaining a good balance between these three elements is crucial to our success.


Creating games for all

Stillfront’s core concept of low-risk, long lifecycle games is key to all decisions taken. This is partly about accountability but just as much about building a stable, successful business capable of developing and growing over time. We also strive to create an inclusive and inviting environment for users and professionals. Being alert and data-driven means we can recognise development areas with potential to create long-term improvements.

Smart resource use

The earth’s resources are finite and we need to adapt our operations accordingly in the way we buy products and services and in making more effective use of them. We can reduce the negative impact while simultaneously saving our internal resources so that they can be invested smartly in our operations.

A leading free-to-play powerhouse

focus areas

  • Operational excellence
  • Operational ethics
  • Great gaming experience
  • Attractive employer
  • Low carbon impact
  • Environmental friendly solutions
Key aspects

  • Sustainable & profitable business
  • Anti corruption & anti-bribery
  • Data privacy & security
  • Responsible gaming
  • Product quality & service
  • Stimulating work
  • Equality & diversity
  • Carbon footprint

Strong and responsible relationship with professionals, customers
and supply chain to meet stakeholder priorities

Key areas

In building a company that generates long-term value, Stillfront knows that sustainability must be an integrated part of all decision we make and of our strategy. To ensure that studios and professionals share our vision of
long-term sustainable operations, we need to have shared values
and a structure that fosters them.

  • Sustainable and profitable business
  • Responsible gaming
  • Product quality and service
  • Equality and diversity
  • Carbon footprint
  • Stimulating work
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery
  • Data privacy and security

Our view on responsible game development


Forums & Communities
  • Chat filters
  • Banning abusive behavior
  • Removing access to multiplayer features
Age protection
  • Target players aged 16 and above
  • Classified by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC)
  • Adapted to national or regional regulation
Inclusion & Diversity
  • Diverse teams create better games
  • Internal values should be interpreted into the design of our games
Responsible content & marketing
  • Stillfront responsible for publishing content according to our values
  • Our games should be respectful of established ethical standards

Implementing ESG guidelines including targets for the Group

  • Based upon the Code of Conduct
  • Adding clear instructions and responsibility
  • Chief Product Officer responsible for compliance
  • Final guidelines will be developed at latest by Year-End together with the Sustainability report
  • The guidelines will also include Environmental and cultural targets to include full framework

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is available to all professionals on our internal portal and the studio heads are responsible for ensuring that all professionals are well-informed. In 2020, an interactive e-learning course of the Code of Conduct will be launched for all professionals, including a section on anti-corruption and anti-bribery.


Stillfront is committed to high standares of openness, honesty and accountabilitu. In line with this commitment, we expect all professionals, as well as relevant third parties who deal with Stillfront, to come forward and voice all serious concerns about any aspect of Stillfront’s work.

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For questions regarding sustainability, contact

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Sofia Wretman
Head of IR, Communication & Sustainability
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