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Swedish game developer Stillfront AB will now release their games on social networks to reach a new audience numbering in the multimillions. Social networks are currently the hottest market and the place to be for anyone in the game industry. The company has just released Ultimate Street Racer on Facebook and will be releasing three more games on social networks in 2010.

In 2009 Stillfront AB obtained a 700% increase of their user base by publishing Fan Immersion Games (FIG) on roughly 60 different gaming sites. During the spring of 2010 they will commence a huge social networks campaign expected to boost their numbers even higher. The beta version of “Ultimate Street Racing” has been released on facebook and will be followed by “Terminator Salvation”. (Ultimate Street Racing; is based on the top converting Fast and Furious FIG.) Facebook is available worldwide and has more than 400 million active users.

“The most popular game on Facebook has more than 60 million users and generates more than 90,000 USD on a daily basis” says Stillfront CEO Marco Ahlgren.

The gaming site Gamasutra has published analyses that point to a 1.3 billion dollar revenue from games on social networks during 2010. This is double the amount earned last year. Stillfront AB will of course remain active in the casual gaming/MMO market which is expected to reach 4.1 billion US dollars in revenue during 2013.

“We can see a huge potential in social networks as a means of distribution. There are great possibilities to capitalize on investments already made in products and user base”, adds Ahlgren.

About Stillfront AB

The Swedish game developer Stillfront AB was founded in 2007. They are infusing the industry with the innovative concept of Fan Immersion Games which are massively multiplayer online games based on popular movie brands. Stillfront AB is a privately owned company located in Uppsala, Sweden. Stillfront is currently looking for new talents. If you are one of the best in what you do contact us!

About Fan Immersion Games

Fan Immersion Games (FIGs) are social, multiplayer, online games in the casual genre (called MMOGs). They are free to play but offer the possibility to buy advantages and premium accounts through micro transactions via SMS or payment card. The games create a great sense of community through continuous narrative and player interaction which establishes a solid foundation for long lasting, committed players.

For more information, contact CEO Marco Ahlgren on phone +46 70 832 35 90 or mail to