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Hamburg, Germany. Oct 22nd, 2015

Call of War’s growth is continuing and its development is striving. In the last weeks many strong improvements could be made to the game thanks to valuable feedback from our community. Exciting new units, better interface usability, new historic scenario maps, improved game balance, better graphics  and new faction specific unit designs are just a few of the new features the game received after its launch. But we won’t stop here! Soon Call of War will be available in even more countries like Japan to expand our community worldwide.

Speaking of worldwide: The release of a new world map scenario ist just around the corner. This map not only features a huge battlefield around the globe with dozens of nations to conquer, but also has the unique feature of being a wrap-around map so that no map borders are stopping the players’ conquests anymore. We are sure that this scenario will be another greatly appreciated innovation for the game.

About Bytro Labs
Bytro Labs GmbH is an award winning company, which develops and publishes technically sophisticated, browser-based and mobile online games. By now, the games have over 3 Million registered users and are available in fifteen different languages.

Bytro Labs was founded in 2009 by Felix Faber, Tobias Kringe and Christopher Lörken. They were decorated as ‘Founders of the Month’ in June 2010 by the state of Baden-Württemberg and with the ‘Technology Fast 50 Rising Stars’ award by Deloitte in the fall of 2012.

About Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group is an independent games developer and games publisher with a portfolio of high quality games that build long player relationships. The Group includes Bytro Labs, Coldwood, Dorado Games and PowerChallenge and the games Call of War, Supremacy 1914, Unravel, ManagerZone and Gladiator Online. The Group was formed in 2012 with a head office in Sweden and has operations in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and Malta. Stillfront Group aims to become one of the leading game developers and publishers in Europe.

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