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Our legacy crafted over more then a decade

Our Legacy

Over decades Stillfront Group's studios have created many more games beyond what we highlight in detail, here is a short overview of our legacy.
Game Release Date Studio Format Description
2015 Simutronics Android, iOS, Windows 8 Lara Croft: Relic Run is a free-to-play action-adventure endless runner platforming game for mobile platforms. It was co-developed by Simutronics, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, and published by Square Enix in May 2015. Players take on the role of franchise protagonist Lara Croft as she searches for a lost colleague while confronting a shadowy conspiracy. Relic Run is part of the Lara Croft continuity, a subseries within the Tomb Raider franchise that is separate from the main series. It was developed as an evolution of the endless runner genre made famous by Temple Run. Simutronics and Crystal Dynamics worked closely to make sure it was both its own game and fitted properly within the franchise.
small_mz_f_stillfront_promo_ios 2014 Power Challenge Mobile Do you dream of managing your own sports team? Well now you can! ManagerZone is a tough but rewarding game, pitting you against real people from your country and around the world.
small_stillfront_Topia_Title_banner_690x262 2013 Bytro Labs  Browser The wonderful island Topia and its inhabitants are relying on your help! Can you manage to rebuild their little island and at the same time protect them from the evil empire? The fate of the whole island is in your hands!
small_stillfront_PanzerWars_Title_690x262 2013 Bytro Labs  Mobile The multiplayer game PanzerWars is known as the first real multiplayer real-time strategy game. Up to ten players simultaneously compete for the domination of 20th-century Europe. More than 100 provinces need to be conquered, developed and defended. Focus of the game is to guarantee fun for ambitious and demanding strategy players.
small_stillfront_Industry_Tycoon_Title_690x262 2010 Bytro Labs  Browser The business simulation game Industry Tycoon allows you to become a true manager! Build up your production, trade goods, establish commodity chains and see your company flourish. Even team up with other business owners to establish world known corporations and dominate markets!
small_hollywoodland 2010 Dorado Games  Social You aspire to be a famous Hollywood star by doing different gigs in the Hollywood show business in this new Facebook game.
small_pirates 2010 Dorado Games  Browser Our first cartoon inspired game. In "Pirates of Scurvy Pond" you will battle against the British Navy and other Pirates. You can go treasure hunting with your fleet and customize you ship.
small_usr_main 2010 Dorado Games  Social Only the boldest, most daring people in the world can handle the high intensity of street racing and live to tell the tale. On the streets you either win their respect or get out of the way. After building, modifying and painting your car, you must prove that you have what it takes to rule the road!
small_fastandfuriousfig 2009 Dorado Games  Browser Based on the Universal movie series. Create and modify your own 10 second car and compete with racers all over the world!
small_terminatorsalvationfig 2009 Dorado Games  Browser Based on the Blockbuster movie Terminator Salvation. Choose your allegiance. Fight to survive as a Resistance fighter or fight as a Terminator with Skynet.
small_skidoo-main 2009 Coldwood  Consoles Get ready feel the excitement of snowmobile racing like never before. Shred snow in Canada, Russia, Sweden and the USA on authentic Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Perform crazy stunts as you race on a wide variety of tracks, from the open country of northern Sweden to a Cross Track in the heart of New York City!
small_wanted_main 2008 Dorado Games  Browser  Your goal is to work yourself up to be the most lethal and respected assassin in the world. To get to the top you will need cunning and courage. The game is based on the Blockbuster movie “Wanted” (featuring: Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy) and it is developed in collaboration with Universal Studios. Take the first step and pick your first target!
small_playzeek-main 2007 Dorado Games / ESN Client / Browser On our servers you will get ranked with statistics, medals, builtin voice-support and a lot more. PlayZeek now has over 300 000 members. Every day there are 1 800 team matches in different competitions and gathers. 20 % of all Counter-strike gaming in Sweden happens on our servers.
small_freakout-main 2006 Coldwood  Consoles Stylish jumps, no rules, extreme speed, off-piste, crazy stunts – that’s in! No barriers to prevent the player from feeling the real freedom of fresh powder snow while screaming down mountainsides with only their nerve to hold them back. Jump from sheer cliff faces, race across many dangerous avalanche prone slopes or get the adrenaline pumping even more by high speed slaloms through…
small_ski06-main 2006 Coldwood  Consoles The ultimate skiing experience is waiting! Ski Racing 2006, the next-season successor of the winners` game, fulfils the expectations of both action-loving gaming freaks and simulation fans, who can expect the best in realism and authenticity.
small_ps_main 2005 Power Challenge  Browser Power Soccer is an immersive, action-filled 3D football experience that puts you at the centre of a large community of online gamers.
small_ski05-main 2005 Coldwood  Consoles The farthest jumps, The steepest slopes & The toughest skiers! Total concentration – An extreme risk – Brutal falls – Every mistake will be penalized without mercy! Thousands of fans – Breathtaking atmosphere – An unforgettable experience.
small_skidoo-x-main 2004 Coldwood  Consoles Get ready feel the excitement of snowmobile racing like never before. Shred snow in Canada, Russia, Sweden and the USA on authentic Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Perform crazy stunts as you race on a wide variety of tracks, from the open country of northern Sweden to a Cross Track in the heart of New York City!
1996 Simutronics Microsoft Windows,Mac OS X DragonRealms is a medieval fantasy game set in the world of Elanthia., it was developed from 1992-1995 and released in February 1996. It was originally intended for an online service planned by the Ziff-Davis company. When Ziff-Davis did not launch the service, DragonRealms was offered on GEnie and later AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy. After AOL and other services went to flat fees instead of an hourly rate, DragonRealms was offered on the web on its own site and through the Microsoft Gaming Zone.
1988 Simutronics Windows, MacIntosh GemStone IV is a multiplayer text-based online role-playing video game (often known as a MUD). Players control characters in a High Fantasy game world named "Elanthia". The first playable version of the game was known as GemStone and was launched in April 1988 on GEnie. It was one of the first MMORPGs and is one of the longest running online games still active. Access to the game is subscription-based (monthly fee) through its website, with three additional subscriptions levels available, "Premium," "Platinum," and "Shattered", in addition to a free-to-play model introduced in early March, 2015.