Jörgen Larsson
Jörgen Larsson

Born: 1964.
Board member: since 2007, CEO since 2010.
Education: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Linköpings Tekniska Högskola.
Former positions, selection: Co-Founder & Chairman ESN, Partner Deseven, Founder & CEO, Mind AB.

Shareholding: 1,505,800
Warrants / Employee stock options: 70,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 100,000* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 525,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Marina Andersson
Marina Andersson
Head of M&A

Born: 1972.
Head of M&A since 2019.
Education: Two master degrees from Stockholm University and Russian Herzen State Pedagogical University.
Former positions, selection: Director Deloitte Corporate Finance Advisory team, Director ICECAPITAL Securities, Associate partner & Investment manager, Deseven and analyst, Carnegie.

Shareholding: 1,550
Warrants / Employee stock options: 10,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 7,200* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 190,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Johanna Bergsten
Johanna Bergsten
General Counsel

Born: 1983
General Counsel since 2020.
Education: LL.M. from Uppsala University.
Former positions, selection: Senior Group General Legal Counsel at Evolution Gaming Group AB and senior associate positions at Advokatfirman Cederquist AB and G Grönberg Advokatbyrå Aktiebolag.

Shareholding: –
Warrants / Employee stock options: 10,000* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 140,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Alexis Bonte
Alexis Bonte

Born: 1976
COO since 2019.
Education: BA Honors Degree International Business & Languages, European Business School, London, Global Leadership and Public Policy, Harvard University, Transformational Leadership Program University of Oxford /Said Business School.
Former positions, selection: Co-founder and CEO eRepublik Labs, various positions at lastminute.com: Head of Business Development, UK, Marketing and Sales Director, France and MD, Italy.

Shareholding: 910,620
Warrants / Employee stock options: 50,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 88,300* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 350,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Phillip Knust
Phillip Knust

Born: 1988
CPO since 2019
Education: Data processing, EPS Lübeck, Computer Sience, TH Lübeck.
Former positions, selection: CPO Goodgame Studios. Creative founder of EMPIRE and BIG brand.

Shareholding: 43,831
Warrants / Employee stock options: 20,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 22,000* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 140,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Clayton Stark
Clayton Stark

Born: 1969
CTO since 2020.
Education:  Mechanical Engineering Camosun College 1993
Former positions, selection: COO Mercurial Communications Inc; CTO Flock Inc; Director Zynga Inc, CTO KIXEYE 

Warrants / Employee stock options: 5,000* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 120,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Andreas Uddman
Andreas Uddman

Born: 1979
CFO since 2019.
Education: Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA), Master in Management, EADA Business school, M.A. in Politics from University of Glasgow.
Former positions, selection: CFO Qliro Financial Services, CFO Vireo Energy, Finance and Business Development positions at Shell.

Shareholding: 30,000
Warrants / Employee stock options: 40,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 20,000* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 350,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

Sofia Wretman
Sofia Wretman
Head of IR & Communications

Born: 1977.
Head of IR & Communication since 2018.
Education: Master of political science, Stockholm University
Former positions, selection: Head of IR & Communications, Alimak Group, Senior Consultant Halvarsson & Hallvarsson, Communication Manager, SAS Institute.

Warrants / Employee stock options: 10,000* (LTIP 2019/2023); 7,500* (LTIP 2020/2024 I); 140,000 (LTIP 2021/2025)

*Post the share split on 28 December 2020, each warrant/employee stock option entitles the holder to subscribe for 10 new shares in the company subject to the terms of the relevant LTIP.