Founded in 2008, 6waves is a leading publisher of mobile free-to-play games, partnering with developers all over the world to bring the best games to its users. With presence in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo, the team has a unique international perspective and has forged successful partnerships with developers from across the globe. From its roots as a world pioneer publisher in Facebook social gaming, it has now become a leading force in Japan’s mobile gaming, being one of the first non-Japanese mobile game publishers reaching top 5 grossing in strategy games.

Babil Games

Babil Games, based in Dubai and Amman, is a top-tier mobile game publisher in the MENA region with international operations. The studio was founded in 2012 and has seen strong growth ever since. Babil Games helps developers from around the world to successfully navigate international markets, focusing on the MENA region, the world’s fastest-growing games market, and bringing gamers culture-adapted, high-quality free-to-play games through creatively localizing art and content.

Bytro Labs

Bytro Labs in Hamburg, Germany, develops and publishes deeply immersive F2P strategy games such as Supremacy 1914 and Call of War from its studio. Originally designed for browsers, Bytro has extended the reach and platforms of its games to mobile and Steam and boosted player engagement by making them available on multiple platforms.


Based in Miami, U.S., Candywriter is a leading developer of casual games for iOS and Android. Founded in 2006, Candywriter has developed a number of viral hits and genre-defining titles, including What’s the Pic, Adult Coloring Book and Letter Soup. Its most successful title, BitLife, is a text-based life simulator. BitLife ranks as #1 top grossing Life Simulator game on both Apple and Android.

Coldwood Interactive

Coldwood Interactive is a game studio based in Umeå, in northern Sweden. Founded in 2003 by a tight-knit group of veteran game developers, it has a passion for creating entertaining and innovative games. Coldwood grew to become one of Sweden’s most successful and productive game studios, while staying true to the friendly vibe, dedication and creative spirit when founded.

Dorado Games

Dorado Games is based in Malta and was founded in 2007. It designs, develops and markets digital online games with a focus on mid-core users around the globe. The Dorado Games team has worked on more than sixty titles across all platforms, including Conflict of Nations: World War 3.

eRepublik Labs

eRepublik Labs is an award-winning games studio. Its first game eRepublik.com launched in 2007 and was a pioneer in online free-to-play browser games. To this day, more than 7 million users worldwide have played it. The studio develops and publishes games such as War and Peace: Civil War Clash, a strategy MMO with a realistic American Civil War theme and The Great War Rivals, another strategy game which takes you back to the WW1 Great War.



Everguild is a games studio operating from the UK and Spain, committed to making long-lasting card games with deep and exciting gameplay, carefully crafted lore and strong communities of players. Its founders bring a fresh and unique approach, based on the combination of their experience in the industry with successful careers in other fields.

Game Labs

Founded in 2015, Game Labs is a rapidly growing independent game studio with a strong track record of developing strategy and action games for PC. Game Labs has a solid track record of developing highly immersive and critically acclaimed real time premium strategy and action games for PC and has so far released three launched games; Ultimate General: Gettysburg, Naval Action and Ultimate General: Civil War.

Goodgame Studios

Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, Germany, is one of Germany’s most successful game developers and publishers. Goodgame’s biggest games are part of the Empire franchise, but the team also work with other Stillfront studios on franchises like Big Farm and BitLife.

Imperia Online

Imperia Online JSC is one of the biggest game production companies in Southeastern Europe. The company’s flagship title is Imperia Online – a medieval MMO strategy game, available on mobile, browsers, social networks and Steam.


Launched in 2009 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jawaker is a social gaming network that hosts over 45 of the most popular Middle Eastern social and cultural games including: Tarneeb, Trix, Hand, Dominoes, Baloot, Estimation, and many more. Jawaker’s mission is to connect old friends and make new ones through the joy of an online gaming experience. All Jawaker’s games are hosted in one app, allowing players to seamlessly switch between their favorite games. Mirroring the cultural norms of its players, Jawaker is built as a highly social gaming experience, with features such as clubs (guilds), emotes (animated emoticons), and a built-in social network with full text and voice chatting functionality. Jawaker develops and builds its games in-house.


Kixeye is a leading developer and publisher of online strategy games with the main headquarters in Western Canada. The studio was founded in 2007 and has five active blockbuster IPs: Battle Pirates, Rise of Firstborn, War Commander, Vega Conflict and War Commander: Rogue Assault.


India-based Moonfrog Labs is a leading developer and publisher of market-leading Board and Social Card Games. The studio, which was founded in 2013, boasts a wide portfolio of evergreen games, including titles such as Ludo Club, Teen Patti Gold & Parchis Club. Moonfrog Labs is headquartered in Bangalore, India.


Nanobit was founded in 2008 and focuses on narrative lifestyle simulation and role-playing games (RPG) targeting a female audience. Nanobit is an established studio with 29 titles released, including 10 apps and 19 games, and more than 220 million lifetime downloads. The flagship titles include Tabou Stories, My Story and Hollywood Story. Nanobit is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

New Moon Production

New Moon Production is a Hamburg based studio, bringing new and exciting games to the market, whether leveraging existing and highly successful brands or exploring new opportunities. Since its founding in 2016, it has released multiple games on many different platforms, including the much beloved Big Farm: Mobile Harvest that is enjoyed by a quarter million players daily.

OFM Studios

OFM Studios is based in Cologne, Germany, with 4 employees, and was founded in 2006 by Maik Dokter. OFM, Online Fussball Manager, is a well-established brand in the football manager-genre with a long history of solid revenues and results and a large, loyal user base. The game has won several awards, among them MMO of the year in 2012 and 2013.

Playa Games

Founded in 2009 and based in Hamburg, Germany, Playa Games has developed and published numerous games. With approximately 70 million registered users the studio’s flagship title Shakes & Fidget, a cartoon-style MMORPG strategy game available on mobile and in the browser, is one of the highest grossing games developed in Germany.

Sandbox Interactive

Sandbox Interactive is the Berlin-based developer of the Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. Sandbox was formed in 2012 with an initial team of just three people, and in the years since, Albion Online has grown to be one of the world’s foremost Sandbox MMORPGs. Albion Online’s official launch in July 2017 was followed by a Steam release in 2018. In April 2019, the game went free-to-play, and in June 2021, Albion Online officially launched for iOS and Android devices, bringing a massive influx of new players and fulfilling one of the game’s foremost goals: to become the world’s first truly cross-platform MMORPG.


Simutronics created its first game, the multi-user dungeon (MUD) title GemStone, which debuted on GEnie in 1987. Simutronics is one of the longest-running independent game development studios in North America, based in St. Louis, U.S. It is a leader in massively multiplayer games, with persistent worlds that have been played for over 30 years. Development partners over the years include Universal Studios, Sony, Viacom, Time Warner and Microprose.


Storm8 is a California-based market leading mobile game publisher with expertise within casual and puzzle/match-3 games. Founded in 2009, Storm8 has published more than 50 games across a variety of genres, with 155+ countries reached and over 1 billion downloads. In its two most recent games, Home Design Makeover and Property Brothers Home Design, Storm8 has effectively combined its match-3 expertise with progression meta layers, achieving successful genre mash up.

Super Free Games

Founded in 2011, Super Free Games is a global, remote-first developer with a rapidly growing portfolio of market leading Casual games. The company operates successful titles such as Word Collect, Trivia Star and Fun Frenzy Trivia. Since its foundation, Super Free has been able to develop and scale multiple top-grossing titles in several genres generating in excess of USD 50m over their lifetime. Super Free Games has a strong company culture and a dedicated team of games experts, including developers, designers and UA/monetization managers based in multiple countries across the world.