Remuneration Guidelines

The remuneration principles and guidelines were approved by the AGM in May 2020 and are provided for the Chief Executive Officer and the other persons in the executive management of Stillfront Group (the Senior Executives).

The guidelines are forward-looking, i.e. they will apply to remuneration agreed, and amendments to remuneration already agreed, after adoption of the guidelines by the 2020 Annual General Meeting. These guidelines will not apply to any remuneration decided or approved by the General Meeting, such as ordinary Board remuneration and share-related or share price-related remuneration (the “long-term incentive plans”).

For information on remunaration guidelines, please see note 10 in the Annual Report – page 87-89.

Long-term incentive programs

A prerequisite for the successful implementation of Stillfront’s business strategy and safeguarding of its long-term interests, is that Stillfront is able to attract, motivate and retain the best talent in Sweden and globally. To achieve this, it is necessary that Stillfront offers competitive remuneration to create incentives for the senior executives and key individuals to execute strategic plans, deliver excellent operating results and to align their incentives with the interests of Stillfront’s shareholders.

For information on outstanding incentive programs, please see note 10 in the Annual Report – page 87-89.